• Date
    November 8, 2023
  • Brand
  • Project Requirements
    Full Website Development

Project Overview.

For Avenco's Shopify development, our goal was to create a cohesive and streamlined shopping experience. We integrated basic product information, including certifications, descriptions, and financing options, in a well-organized layout that avoided clutter. A unique feature we added was the coupon copy functionality along with add-on options. To enhance credibility, we designed the influencer section with an Instagram-like layout. The hotspot graphics area was crafted to accentuate the technological aspects of the products. Additionally, we developed a product comparison section, listing corresponding products and variants, and allowing customers to compare specific metrics. This section was designed for customers to make an informed decision and purchase seamlessly.


Research & Processing.

In our project with Avenco, we delved into the key factors that influence online shopping decisions for tech products, focusing on consumer trust and comparative shopping behaviors. During the development phase, we prioritized presenting complex product details in a user-friendly format. Our efforts included designing an influencer section to foster trust and creating engaging hotspot graphics to highlight the products' tech features. Additionally, we streamlined the product comparison process, ensuring it was both intuitive and efficient for users.

Both parties confirm the requirements

Online for group and meeting discussions, offline for face-to-face conversations

Design & Development

Developing the website based on the client-provided design drafts, ensuring a 1:1 replication

Feedback & Acceptance

After the initial draft is provided, the client may suggest revisions, and modifications will be made until the client is satisfied with the final product


The Shopify project for Avenco has won high praise from customers due to its efficient product integration and user-friendly design

The Shopify project collaboration with Avenco exceeded our expectations. The WESWOO team efficiently integrated product information and shopping features, particularly the unique coupon functionality and the influencer area design, which were highly appealing. The design of the product comparison tool helped customers make informed purchasing decisions. Overall, they delivered an intuitive and user-friendly shopping experience.

  • Silky smooth scrolling effect
  • Exceptional Liquid technology skills
  • 1:1 development ensures handling of subsequent business

Completed the full site production and transitioned to multi-language stores, including translation