Project Overview

  • Date
    July 8, 2022
  • Brand
  • Project Requirements
    Full Website Development

Project Overview.

For the ORTUR project, our objective was to create an optimized Shopify website that would effectively showcase their products and boost conversion rates. We implemented several key enhancements, including a streamlined FAQ module that focuses on key information. The product introduction module was redesigned to provide a concise yet impactful overview, and we introduced a click-to-play video module within pop-up windows to enhance product presentations. Additionally, we emphasized the key selling points with zoom-in functionality, creating a visually engaging experience that sets ORTUR apart from competitors.


Research & Processing.

Our research concentrated on comprehending user behavior during the online shopping process, with a focus on efficient information presentation. We meticulously analyzed user interactions with product descriptions and introductions, which informed our improvement strategies. During the processing phase, we diligently designed the user interface to ensure that essential information was presented in a clear and engaging manner. Our goal was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly shopping environment that would lead to higher conversion rates.

Both parties confirm the requirements

Online for group and meeting discussions, offline for face-to-face conversations

Design & Development

Developing the website based on the client-provided design drafts, ensuring a 1:1 replication

Feedback & Acceptance

After the initial draft is provided, the client may suggest revisions, and modifications will be made until the client is satisfied with the final product


WESWOO's enhancements improved user experience and set us apart from competitors.

WESWOO's meticulous work on our website's FAQ module, product introductions, and video presentations significantly improved user experience, setting us apart from competitors. Their professionalism and results are highly impressive.

  • Silky smooth scrolling effect
  • Exceptional Liquid technology skills
  • 1:1 development ensures handling of subsequent business

Completed the full site production and transitioned to multi-language stores, including translation