Project Overview

  • Date
    April 01, 2023
  • Brand
    Shokz 韶音科技
  • Project Requirements
    Full Website Development

Project Overview.

In the Shokz website project, we focused on creating a user-friendly experience with a visually appealing and functional design. The homepage was designed with distinct product variants and interactive features, including one-click shopping and dynamic scrolling, to enhance user engagement. Product pages provided detailed information and intuitive navigation, with special attention to user-friendly layout and efficient presentation of product options. This approach emphasized both the products' features and the overall efficiency and accessibility of the website.


Research & Processing.

For the development of Shokz website, we conducted in-depth market analysis and user research, leading to an intuitive and engaging design. We focused on enhancing user experience with features like selectable product variants and one-click shopping, along with a visually appealing design aligned with the brand's identity. Technically, we optimized for high performance and responsive experience, continuously improving the site post-launch based on user feedback to meet evolving needs and trends.

Both parties confirm the requirements

Online for group and meeting discussions, offline for face-to-face conversations

Design & Development

Developing the website based on the client-provided design drafts, ensuring a 1:1 replication

Feedback & Acceptance

After the initial draft is provided, the client may suggest revisions, and modifications will be made until the client is satisfied with the final product

Shokz's review

Compared to other domestic service providers, only WESWOO can meet our specific needs

"In terms of special effects processing, no other company in the country can ensure smooth operation on Shopify while guaranteeing compatibility. We recognize and approve of the website delivered to us by WESWOO."
"Based on the acceptance of these results, we have also signed a long-term operation and maintenance contract with WESWOO, with new requirements emerging every month."

  • Silky smooth scrolling effect
  • Exceptional Liquid technology skills
  • 1:1 development ensures handling of subsequent business

Completed the full site production and transitioned to multi-language stores, including translation