• Date
    April 22, 2023
  • Brand
  • Project Requirements
    Full Website Development

Project Overview.

For the Hsu's American Ginseng project, WESWOO expertly crafted a Shopify site that balances cultural richness with user-friendly design. We emphasized detailed product categorization, integrated cultural insights, and highlighted regional authenticity to create a distinctive online presence.


Research & Processing.

In developing Hsu's American Ginseng's Shopify platform, we conducted in-depth research into consumer behavior and market trends. Our process prioritized a blend of cultural education and ecommerce efficiency, ensuring an engaging and informative shopping experience for users.

Both parties confirm the requirements

Online for group and meeting discussions, offline for face-to-face conversations

Design & Development

Developing the website based on the client-provided design drafts, ensuring a 1:1 replication

Feedback & Acceptance

After the initial draft is provided, the client may suggest revisions, and modifications will be made until the client is satisfied with the final product


WESWOO masterfully blended our cultural essence with a cutting-edge online store, exceeding our expectations

We're thrilled with WESWOO's Shopify development; they perfectly fused our cultural heritage with a modern shopping experience.

  • Silky smooth scrolling effect
  • Exceptional Liquid technology skills
  • 1:1 development ensures handling of subsequent business

Completed the full site production and transitioned to multi-language stores, including translation